• Love Baked In!

  • Love & Laughter In Every Slice

  • A Soul Satisfying Crunch!

  • A Lemon Zing!

  • Delightfully Delectable!

  • Experience The Love

Love Baked In!

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Love & Laughter In Every Slice

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A Soul Satisfying Crunch!

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A Lemon Zing!

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Delightfully Delectable!

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Experience The Love

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What is a Love Cake?


Oh my goodness! Your cake is delicious!!

Kelly A.

Flavor on 10! Received my Love Cake today! (Gluten Free). Upon unwrapping , I was greeted with the sweet fragrance of lemon and lime. A fragrance that set the stage for my palate's expectation. I was not disappointed. Flavor on 10!

Tosca B.

The cake was delicious...really liked crunch on top.

Shakur P.

Thank You Kindly